Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ellen and John's E session!

John and Ellen both met at Harvard, where they are both PhD students in the education field. Not only is this a VERY smart couple, they are also a totally in love and down to earth couple. 

I am so lucky to work with people I admire and who are so terrific to hang out with! 

For their engagement session we decided to take photos in Cambridge, and around Harvard Yard. John and Ellen were very good sports, they climbed fences, sat in the grass, modeled in front of murals, and even posed with passers-by who wanted to be in the photographs. 

John is 6 feet-6 inches, and Ellen is maybe 5 feet-3 inches: this means Ellen owns one of the best collections of high-heels shoes I have EVER seen. (Her shoes are AMAZING!) But, Ellen and John explained, this also means it is difficult for John and Ellen to get photographs of themselves. 

At the end of the session we moved inside where John and Ellen shared a cup of tea. Tea was a big part of their courtship :) A cup of tea and shared love of education = a beautiful relationship. 


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