Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reason #2 ALL weddings need HATS - and Introducing WILL!!!

This is Will. 

Will is wearing an alligator on his head. 

Will is funny. 

Will is also a GREAT photographer and an associate of Boro: Creative Visions.

You can read more about Will HERE. Click on "Associates." 

Basically you should know if I was getting married again, I would ask Will to shoot my wedding! He's that damn good!  

Will has been shooting for 6 years - and he's won numerous awards. Will's images are technically outstanding, they are also (and this is VERY rare) filled with emotion. 

Here's Will again. 

This time he is wearing a starfish. At this point I was laughing so hard, I almost dropped my camera. 

Will is wearing these hats because as I said in a previous post at Justin and Mariana's wedding EVERYONE (even the photographers) had to wear them. 


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