Friday, October 8, 2010

I Couldn't Wait - Jenny and Tim's Engagement

Ok so, I finished photographing Tim and Jenny’s engagement ... (Ummm... like 2 hours ago).

Now, normally I would post a few of their images tomorrow… but I have two weddings this weekend, so I told Jenny and Tim I wouldn’t be able to post their photographs until Monday or Tuesday… but… here are a few anyway…

The truth is I am very bad at keeping surprises – I can keep secrets (Really, I can!) – but if I buy a Christmas gift in June there is no way I could wait until December to give it: That’s just me.

What this means to Jenny and Tim is – I couldn’t wait!!! The photos were so awesome I just HAD to post these few pictures…

But I promise there are so many more to come… 


Jenny Duchesneau said...

Amanda, you did an amazing job :) You really captured both of our personalities perfectly :)

The shovel ones are hysterical, by the way!

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