Monday, December 13, 2010

The best email ever...

I want to tell you one of the most meaningful things that have ever happened to me as a photographer. 

A few years ago I got a phone call from a woman who was interested in having me take her photograph. She was getting back into the dating scene – using an online dating service – and wanted photos that were, “professional but still me.” 
We set a date and spent four hours together at her house. We took photos in the kitchen, the living room, and outside. We laughed and tried some pretty silly poses… but most of all we had fun. 
Last month I received the following email:

I met someone. And, we are engaged. My fianc√© tells everyone he wanted to get to know me because of my photos.  When we started dating, he carried them around to show his friends.

Last week, I photographed the married couple together. 
What an honor to be a part of someone else’s love story. 


Nancy said...

I never would have thought to have professional pictures taken for a dating site!

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