Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Hero

Photography is nothing--it's life that interests me. 

Well known photographers will tell you to find your vision. Your style. Your image. Your brand. 

People will tell you that you need to post to your blog every day, and have images published in magazines, 
and define yourself in four words or less. 

I'm not knocking those people. I'm not knocking the people that admire them. 

It's good to pick a hero. 

What I am saying is those aren't my heroes. 

My hero - is a French man who was more interested in life than photography. 

He didn't have a Website. He didn't like editing or developing his photographs. He didn't take pictures to make people happy or to create a brand. 

He believed small things could be the greatest subjects and that images didn't always need to be in focus. 

His goal was to capture the essence of life. He believed photography was an immediate reaction - an instant give-and-take - the capturing of a moment that once gone can never be again. 

He believed photography is a physical, intellectual and artistic joy for the photographer - a moment when the mind, heart and eye come together. 

Henri Cartier-Bresson you are my hero. 


Tulaloo said...

THIS is why you are a great photographer.

Casey said...

I love this post, Amanda. And agree completely.

Anonymous said...

Saw his show at MoMA last year, instantly fell in love with his work. It just spoke to me.

So glad you're going to be capturing our wedding in April!

- Jen L.

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