Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chris and Ali - a cow, a hawk, a falcon... oh my!

We started Ali and Chri's engagement session pretty traditionally.

We walked through the woods, paused by some birch trees... very sweet... very New Hampshire.

Then Ali said, "I think I want a cow to be in our session."

Ok! I love cows.

So we broke from the traditional a bit and incorporated one of the Connolly Brother's beautiful milk cows.

Then, things got interesting...

Chris and Ali  met through a mutual love of 18th century re-enacting.

They both re-enact the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. Chris and Ali really wanted to incorporate their uniforms in the engagement session... of course!!!

The uniform Chris was wearing at the shoot is from the French and Indian War, specifically the 27th Inniskilling Grenadiers, which is the unit that both Ali and Chris are a part of. (Ali sewed both uniforms!!)

On a whim, I mentioned to the couple that I knew some people who were into falconry. For some reason I associated 18th century re-enacting with falconry?? I have no clue why. BUT it turned out Chris has always been interested in falconry and the couple jumped at the chance to try something new - togehter... and get photographed doing it!!!

"We both really enjoyed the shoot, and that it was absolutely awesome!" said Ali.  

"All Chris talked about on the way home was The General (the red tail hawk you see photographed!)"


Miz Rebecky said...

Beautiful wonderful pictures. love the pitchfork & spade,it captures the laughs and joy between them. Also the first 18th century piicture of them together so captures their 18th century life. Amazing work for an amazing couple.

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