Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mary and Chris - Engagement, NH Wedding Photography

I love the way Mary and Chris met. So, I asked Mary to tell it - pretty sweet, huh?

"Chris and I met at the MS Challenge Walk on Cape Code in September, 2008. 

Chris was walking with the team Walk by Faith, for his mom and I was walking on my own for both my aunt and a friend's mom. 

On Friday, the first day, I joined a dinner table that included some of Chris's team members and they quickly made me feel included.  

After dinner everyone went out to the tent on the lawn for the night's entertainment.  Chris and I sat across the table from one another and throughout the evening kept noticing one another. 

Later that night Chris asked me if she wanted to go for a walk (of course) I said, yes. 

For the rest of the weekend I walked with Chris's team and by Sunday Chris had asked me to dinner.

It only took 50 miles : )"


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