Monday, December 5, 2011

French Blog...

Glasses and me it's a great love story! Without my glasses, I am lost, I feel naked, and yet the big day I wore for the first time contact lenses ... Why do you say? I still wonder. I found that it "did not quite married," when in fact I was "not quite me." Then after a comment left by a bride to be with glasses and short hair, I would like to convince you that yes, even with his glasses can be a beautiful bride!

I found a link to my blog on this French Website - La Mariee Aux Pieds Nus or The Barefoot Bride.

Pretty awesome huh... Can you find my photo?

(Hint: #4) 


Erin Rose Stewart said...

HEY THAT'S MEEE!!! haha, awesome stuff Amanda!

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