Thursday, March 29, 2012

Horses teach me about God...

This afternoon I was riding "Summer" ... and we came to a very rocky patch leading to a covered bridge. The wind was roaring all around us. She was so scared. I could feel her shaking, her ears swiveled, her body a rocket ready to blast off.

Instead of getting down or pushing her I felt moved to just wait.You see, here was this prey animal - ever instinct telling her to flee - and yet she was trusting me enough to at least wait and see. 

After 20 minutes I asked her to walk and she went straight through that terrifying covered bridge.I was so proud of her... I laughed out loud... it just came from within me.

I wasn't disappointed that she was scared, I was filled with joy that she trusted.

And I could only think, maybe that's how God feels. When we are scared and every instinct cries - run, hide, flee, isolate, figure it out on your own, turn around - 
but instead we stop and we wait, and we trust, in things unseen, in promises yet to be... 

I bet God laughs with joy.


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