Tuesday, May 14, 2013

IN THE MOMENT Franklin Pierce University: Interactive art installation on exhibit

Jordana Korsen has always felt the power of music. From the time she was a child watching Merry Melodies cartoons, she has always felt a fascination for the way sound and movement are connected. Korsen, a Harrisville resident, continued her love of music throughout her life, but found a way to express her artistry through a different medium — glass blowing, which she teaches at Franklin Pierce University. 

But that hasn’t stopped her from keeping her ties with other art mediums, and she’s been pursuing a master’s degree in interdisciplinary arts at Goddard College. On Friday night at FPU, she’ll be bringing together a myriad of art forms in a medium completely different for her: An interactive art installation.


Martha said...

4th one from the bottom is FANTASTIC, Amanda!

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