Friday, May 28, 2010

Karger/Snook Family

This past weekend when we stayed in NJ, we had the pleasure of couch surfing at The Karger Family's home in Morristown. 

In appreciation of the hospitality (and wonderful brunch - which included whitefish salad) ... Will and I photographed the family... Zia is less than one week old in these pictures. Sarah hopes to use the images at her baby naming in June. 

I must share with you one thing, Zia's great-grandfather - Hank - said to me, "You better take those photos fast before my ass gets cold." 

I wish I could work that line into a slogan :) 

Thank you so much Louise, Dan, Beck, Sarah, Nathan, Zia, Hank, and Noa. 

Here are some of the photographs... If you would like to see more the Karger/Snook family is one of the featured families on BCV's photo gallery site. 





Anonymous said...

These photos are stunning...the profile of the baby against grampa's shirt is just brought a tear. What a wonderful family. Elaine Burnham

Anonymous said...


The moments you capture are beyond words! Thank you for sharing life through your lens with us!

Sara B

Anonymous said...


These are incredible. You captured all of their personalities so accurately. We will treasure these for many many years...


mikasnook said...

Amanda, these are truly beautiful shots! You are so talented at capturing the essence of people. We need to get these framed, Sarah!!


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