Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beth and Rob (and Baker too) - Engaged!!!

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Beth and Rob, in Princeton, New Jersey. Rob is a professor at Princeton and Beth will soon be a PhD student at Harvard - these are two smart people!

Rob and Beth love to play Bananagram (it's kinda like Scrabble). Rob proposed by getting the right letters to spell MARRYME. Then Beth - between tears and smiles, spelled out YES! 

Beth and Rob are the coolest people!

Their dog, Baker is amazingly well trained! I wanted to put her in the back of my car and bring her home. I know she would be safe because she has her own seatbelt.

We started the engagement by wandering around Princeton, then we picked up Baker and a picnic blanket, and headed to the boardwalk... 

Instead of a wedding cake Beth and Rob are going to be serving cupcakes. Beth is in the process of selecting flavors, so we decided to incorporate the cupcakes into the engagement photos. And, of course, I HAD to try at least two! Strawberry, vanilla and ginger... I was in heaven. 

I think I practically begged Beth to be my friend when she moves to Boston :) --- I mean she's that cool! 

I cannot wait for Beth and Rob's wedding in Boston, in 2011.


SweetAdelineXO said...

Lovelovelovelovelovelove! Especially that first one!

And their puppy is adorable. I'm puppy crazy now.

Melissa said...

Beautiful photos Amanda! Love the quilt & dog... so cute!

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