Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kristy's Family

This is a true story:

Kristy sent me an email and asked if I could photograph her family. I said, "Of course."

Unfortunately, Kristy wanted me to photograph her extended family (including a 140 pound Great Dane, grandparents, four children, and a Weimaraner) on the morning of May, 22... the same day I had a wedding.

 I wrote back: "I'm sorry Kristy, but I will be in NJ on the 22nd could we switch days?"

Her reply: "We are in NJ."

I couldn't believe it.

As it happened Kristy and her family wanted to meet one town over from where we would be photographing the wedding... what are the odds that a NH based wedding/event/family photographer (that's us here at Boro: Creative Visions) would just so happen to be in NJ (10 minutes away), on the exact day that Kristy was hoping to have the photos taken?

It was meant to be.

Will and I spent just over an hour photographing Kristy's family and we had a ball doing it!

We laughed and we got drooled on (by the Great Dane) - it was perfect!


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