Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dana and Jim - Engaged!

Dana and Jim started dating 6 years ago - in high school. I had so much fun photographing them... I mean, Dana's a west coast girl - so of course we hit it off right away ( We both say tennis-shoes - not sneakers! And pop - not soda!) ... And, Jim has the best green eyes I've ever seen on a dude! Seriously awesome eyes!

And, Jim gave me a compliment that kept me giggling the whole photoshoot: "Wow, this really isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm having fun!"

I love hearing this kinda thing because it means people are comfortable - and therefore their photos are going to be beautiful! 

 Despite the over cast sky - no rain came - WHEW! 

I cannot wait for Dana and Jim's April 2011 wedding at Alyson's Orchard! 

You two rocked this session! 


Anonymous said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I can't stop looking at them you did such an amazing job! I'm Dana's sister-in-law and when we come up for her wedding would love for you to take family pictures. Your a fantastic photographer...I'm speechless! Absolutely beautiful!!!!

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