Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hillary and Justin, Thompson Island, Boston, MA

Hillary and Justin's wedding was so intimate and beautiful.

 But, when they did their first dance, under a tree strung with lights, to a song I had never heard before, I understood a little more why people get married in the first place. 

They were all alone, in this moment. 
Holding on to each other.
Loving each other.
And, I could just see them at 80 years-old dancing in their kitchen, a whole lifetime of shared memories unspoken between them.

It was an amazing honor to witness. 

The song was called: Someday Some morning Sometime. 
Someday some morning sometime, sometime 
I'd like to hold your hand in mine 
Someday some morning sometime 
I'd like to tell you you're pretty and fine 
Your face will smile and your eyes will shine 
Someday some morning sometime 


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